Gaming PCs

When it comes to building a custom gaming rig, it takes a bit of specialized knowledge.

Graphics workstations

Time is money when you're a graphics guru. Nothing hurts more than missing a deadline while you're waiting for your pc to catch up.

Office PCs

Our reliable office machines offer the best cost of ownership in the industry.

Video editing rigs

Our custom video editing machines can rival $10k workstations at a fraction of the budget.


Back-up servers, file servers, domain controllers, surveillance and VOIP servers.

street view of front of Boomers Computers

About us

An award-winning computer store located in Victoria, BC

Boomers has been providing the Victoria community with innovative computer solutions for over 22 years.

We specialize in finding your computer solutions.

From custom PCs like gaming computers and graphics workstations to hand-picked laptops to fit your needs. 

Expert Computer repairs

Our experienced technicians offer honest advice and cost-effective solutions that keep our customers coming back.


A very local business that offers expert advice to novices. The fellow who repairs the computers is very friendly and helped replace my broken laptop screen in ~10 minutes right in front of me. Furthermore, they offer very reasonable prices. When in doubt about computer issues, call Boomers!Read More