Looking to get some value out of some old computer gear you won't be using anymore? Get our computer consignment program working for you!

How it Works:

  • Bring your gear in.
  • We'll assess the value and recommend retail pricing.
  • If the consignment item is a full computer system, we'll check to see if it is ready for resale. If it's not ready, we can clean it up or redo windows at a discounted rate to get it ready for resale.
  • We give you a item list so you can check back on your consignments in person, by phone or e-mail at any time.
  • At any point over 16 days after your item sells, you can pick up a cheque for 70% of the sale price of the item.


What do we do to earn our 30%?

  • Our expertise allows us to price items appropriately. You don't want to over or under price your items.
  • Our dedicated sales staff and retail location make it easy for customers to check out your gear. This is a big difference from trying to sell it yourself, as you have to set up appointments for people to check out your stuff, which can be time consuming depending on how many people have to see it before it sells.
  • Our reputation for knowing what we are doing allows customers to buy with confidence.
  • Our volume of traffic allows a massive and immediate amount of exposure for your product.
  • We may already have someone looking for the exact thing you bring in.