How can I keep my system free of viruses/malware?

Posted by Super User

There are a couple of things you can do to keep junk off your computer. The first may seem obvious, but is probably the most effective- Don't download everything in sight. You wouldn't believe the number of times we see systems come in with so many toolbars loaded up, you can hardly see a webpage anymore. If you are going to download something, be sure you know where it is coming from- have a look at the URL. If you are about to download a "Free Norton Antivirus" and the URL the link points to isn't on Symantec's domain, maybe you shouldn't download that.

The second thing you can do is pick one piece of antivirus software to scan things you do download. You will notice I said one piece, because multiple AV programs will often fight each other and cause more problems than most viruses. For paid AV solutions these days, Norton and Kaspersky are probably the best right now, but there are several others that are decent. For free AV, Microsoft security essentials is good, as are AVG and AVast. In addition, you should do periodic scans with a good malware removal tool. My personal favorite is Super Antispyware.