My laptop took a drink. What should I do?

Posted by Super User

The first step in these cases is to place the beer can upright so it is no longer poring into your laptop. The next step is to pull the power adapter out of the laptop and remove the battery. I know it is hard to resist the tendency to try to start your laptop up to see if it is still OK, but trust me- this is not a good idea. The next step is up to you, if the unit only a spill of water, you could try to dry the unit in a bag of rice for a week and then try it. If you don't feel comfortable with this or if the unit has had anything besides water spilled in it, you should not wait, but bring it down to the shop ASAP. The reason for this is that other drinks have sugars, salts, acids and other potentially corrosive organic agents in them, which could short circuits or corrode them in a surprisingly short amount of time. Limiting this type of damage is going to be a key in factor determining whether as simple mistake ends up destroying your laptop motherboard or just costs a bit of shop time to clean up. Typically a cleanup will run 2-3 hours of shop time at $60/hr.