When should I bring my computer into the shop vs. having an onsite technician come out?

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Many common computer repairs require a lot of machine time, but not a lot of intervention from a technician. One example would be a virus/malware cleanup- where various scans are started and monitored by the technician and may take hours to complete, but not much of the technician's time actively participating until the final stages, where manual removals may be required. Another example would be a windows installation, where large amounts of time are consumed by windows loading and later doing a tonne of updates. In scenarios like these, having the work done in shop is going to be more cost effective than onsite as we can bill you just for the time the technician is actively participating in repairing that PC. Since we have multiple machines being worked on at the same time, they can divide their time effectively between several ongoing tasks. Because of this increased efficiency, we can also charge a lower hourly rate.  In an onsite scenario, you pay a higher hourly rate by the hour for all the time the technician is on location, so you may be paying for a lot of time being spent waiting for processes to complete.

On the flip side, onsite service really makes sense when you have local devices that are hard to move, a number of machine that need work, networking setup, or server management that needs to be done. Companies with high levels of security may also require an onsite solution, as their security parameters may preclude any data leaving the premises. 

My laptop screen is broken. How much it going to cost to fix it?

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We can repair units with cracked LCD screens, whether they be PC laptops/notebooks, Macbooks, or tablets.
Typical PC LCD screens run $115 plus $60 install. We can do digitizer replacements as well. Most digitizers cost around $100, but there are some that can be quite a bit more expensive, or worse yet, completely unavailable.

Mac LCD screens are more expensive, but we can do them cheaper than the Mac stores.

If you e-mail us you complete make and model, we can price it out for you.

We stock the most common screens. Specialty screens require a deposit for us to order in.

How can I keep my system free of viruses/malware?

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There are a couple of things you can do to keep junk off your computer. The first may seem obvious, but is probably the most effective- Don't download everything in sight. You wouldn't believe the number of times we see systems come in with so many toolbars loaded up, you can hardly see a webpage anymore. If you are going to download something, be sure you know where it is coming from- have a look at the URL. If you are about to download a "Free Norton Antivirus" and the URL the link points to isn't on Symantec's domain, maybe you shouldn't download that.

The second thing you can do is pick one piece of antivirus software to scan things you do download. You will notice I said one piece, because multiple AV programs will often fight each other and cause more problems than most viruses. For paid AV solutions these days, Norton and Kaspersky are probably the best right now, but there are several others that are decent. For free AV, Microsoft security essentials is good, as are AVG and AVast. In addition, you should do periodic scans with a good malware removal tool. My personal favorite is Super Antispyware.