"Why isn't this freakin' thing working? Why is it so slow?" - Sound familiar? Get your computer working back at it's peak!

Virus and Malware Cleanup:

  • Many shops will do a wipe and reload of windows because a systematic cleanup takes too much time and/or skill.
  • We'll get your machine 100% clean without having to go to the extreme approach 95% of the time.
  • We guarantee our work. In those rare instances we miss something, we will make it right ASAP!


Why not try it yourself or get your buddy to do it?

  • How much of your time do you want to waste removing 99% of the junk on your computer, just to have it all back a few days later because you missed a couple little pieces?


Why shouldn't I just live with it?

  • If your time is worth anything, having a computer working 10-50% slower than it should be costs way more than our typical $90 cleanup
  • Some bugs are a legitimate privacy risk, that could expose you to identity theft or risk exposing client's confidential data.