Data is the most important asset on your computer. Has it gone up in smoke?

Software-Level Data Recovery Services:

  • From file corruption to a failing drive, if the drive is still spinning, we can probably get your data back.
  • We can recover data from internal or external hard drives and SSDs, as well as USB thumb drives and memory cards
  • Hourly shop rates apply- 3 billable hours is typical of most HDD recovery scenarios (there may be 30+ hours of scan time involved, but you are only billed for the technician's active participation in the process)


Hardware-Level Data recovery Services

  • If the drive is completely dead, we can take care of the process of a forensic data recovery, via one of our recovery partners. This process is quite a bit more expensive due to the equipment required. However, we still offer competitive rates in this area as well.


Have a new computer and need the data transferred from the old one?

Data transfer service

  • We can transfer all your files to your new machine at a competitive rate
  • If required, we can transfer programs to the new machine as well (additional $50 software license fee plus hourly shop rate)