So your fat cat sat on your laptop and cracked the screen? - We can help

Laptop LCD Screen Repair:

  • We can repair units with cracked LCD screens, whether they be PC laptops/notebooks, Macbooks, or tablets. Typical PC LCD screens run $115 plus $60 install. We can do digitizer replacements as well. Most digitizers cost around $100, but there are some that can be quite a bit more expensive, or worse yet, completely unavailable.
  • Mac LCD screens are more expensive, but we can do them cheaper than the Mac stores.
  • If you e-mail us you complete make and model, we can price it out for you.
  • We stock the most common screens. Specialty screens require a deposit for us to order in.


Break more than just the screen?

  • We can fix broken power jacks, adapters, hinges and bezels/bodies